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The Full Time Mother's prayer

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

That there will be spaces between the sprawls and the meals and the poos and the outings

Spaces to breathe and be and remember who we are

That we are powerful women

Raising a nation

A generation

That there will be moments we cherish and remember forever more

The first smile

The love of siblings

Scooting through the autumn leaves

That we may hold these times vividly within our hearts

That we can stop ourselves shouting and directing, forcing and instructing

And instead let the triggers wash over us

And respond with love and affection

Allowing our little people to grow independent of our reactions and crazy control

Free for all the world to see

That we will have done our best to give a beautiful beginning

Done the right thing, made the right choices,

Given, Loved, Educated, Created, Fed, Encouraged, Controlled enough

That our children will become good people and brilliant citizens

Hear our prayer

For this is our intention

We want to raise beautiful people

We strive by their side day and night

And in love we care for them

The choices and the enoughs will not matter

Or be remembered

Each will tread their own path

And be brilliant in their own way

Only the true love of a mother

Will transcend the generation

Join us for the Gaia Gang and Gaia Retreat to activate parenting, food, health and growth for you and your loved ones.



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