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Gaia Retreat

Losing energy over looking after your child or children?  

Let’s put more joy, ease and healthy food into you and your family.


Saturday 29th June 2019

Includes hands on cooking & full luncheon


For women from pre-pregnancy through to mothers/ carers (babies in arms are welcome)

Bring a friend and save £30


East Finchley, London N2

The raising of children is so far from how nature intended.  

We mother in syllos, busy, pressured, distracted, and consumed with singly meeting the most basic of needs.  No wonder we are exhausted before their bed-time.   


We use screens to buy time, give sweets to satisfy upset.  We do our best within our patience.  


We spend all our energy going through the routines, getting our kids to sleep and eat, to cooperate and help.  We grow tired of fending off squabbles and stuckness in our children.  

Over this get-away  for the day you will:

  • Learn the tools to make raising children less demanding and more joyfull and energising for modern-day mothers

  • Learn how to prepare wholesome meals for your family with ease

  • Enjoy a nourishing and healthy lunch.

  • Make sense of children's behaviour be it bossy, aggressive, stuck or sensitive.  

  • Learn how to ease separation, gain cooperation, tame demanding children, handle tears and tantrums and more from a positive, respectful base.

  • Create and enjoy a special nourishing mothers, plant food luncheon, abundant and nutritious, with plenty of effective recipes and ideas for you to take back to your children and families.  The menu will feature a vitalizing soup, a plant protein power dish and several sides, plus of course, a sugar free dessert. 

  • Identify your most important family values that you wish for your children to inherit, and define ways to integrate these messages.

Join this RETREAT of mothers and get ready for a fully sacred day to reinvigorate mothering for you and receive the nourishment and care to replenish yourself.

This invaluable day includes all of the following:

Healthy Food & Drinks

to nourish you

Parenting Wisdom

for busy mothers

Cribsheets & Recipes

to integrate at home

Hands On Cooking

of family favourites


without interruptions!

Goody Bag

to take home

Kindred Mothers

to nurture you


may happen





A primer for the Retreat day with questions to direct your attention on the most pertinent matters for you and your family

Clarity Session


A complimentary twenty minute conversation with me to clarify your most important needs across food, health and parenting, and to define your key initial step in change making right now.

Pure Baby


A copy of my book complete with recipes for mother and infant.

Pure Cook's Training


This is my signature online healthy cookery course which will show you how to create balanced and nutritious meals from natural, wholesome ingredients.   You will master the cooking of a repertoire of easy to create, winning, family favourite dishes.

Value £345

I dearly wish to give you the deepest support and tools to make a positive difference for yourself and your family.  

With much pleasure I give you the following EXTRAS  once you sign up  for the Gaia Retreat:

All food will be high quality and organic, vegan and sugar free.  


The day is solely for women, please arrange care for your children, although babies in arms are of course welcome.


Women from pre pregnancy through to mothers and carers with babies, pre-school and primary aged children are most welcome.     



Bring a friend and receive a £30 discount when you join before 31st May (enter discount code 'GAIAFRIEND' at checkout)

The group takes place at a private address which you will receive upon booking.  

Please indicate if you have any special dietary requirements (all ingredients are organic and vegan). 


Gaia for the ancient Greeks was the mother of all life.  We mothers today are shaping the future of all life.  This retreat will bring Gaia's essence of nature, nurture and nourish into your family for the benefit of you and all your descendants.

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Join The Gaia Retreat Now

Saturday 29th June 2019

9.45am - 3.30pm

Anna Freedman is founder of Wholefood Harmony, the cookery school that inspires health through delicious natural cuisine.  She is a qualified natural foods cook and health coach, with a vibrant practice and the online Pure Cook’s Training.  

Author of Pure Baby:  Give A Beautiful Beginning, and mother to three children, she has studied parenting at close range and with Patty Wipfler, Dr Laura Markham and Gordon Neufeld.  

Elizabeth Bachrad

 The perfect blend of motherhood must knows and food prep. This group makes you realize you're not alone and we can continue to grow ourselves while we ensure our littles grow healthily and happily as well.

Health Solutions

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Ruth Sabrosa

I've already put into practice several of the steps for more connection and healthy food recipes to amazing effect with my children.

Hypnobirthing & Mindfull Mothering

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