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Raising Humanity, Raising Your Family_ 9

9 ways to more energy and care.

Raising your family, raising humanity.

Make Your Parenting Easy Today

We raise our children amidst over busyness, excess sugar and screen consumption, peers in favour of parents, defiance and stubbornness, losing it and lone parenting.


Raising Your Family, Raising Humanity provides nine routes as an antidote to all these pressures. Nine ways to lighten up parenting and build resilient, connected, considerate, balanced, healthy children that thrive.


This book will activate your parenting by applying the bedrock of nature, nurture and nourish for the benefit of you and your descendants and all of humanity.


If my book speaks to you and may speak to a friend, please share.  Let’s impact dearly on our next generation and bring more consciousness and more love to together raising children and raising ourselves.

Raising Humanity, Raising Your Family_ 9

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