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Going for a Walk



10.30am - midday

Summer term 2 Friday 14th June - Friday 12th July 2019

Includes tea and freshly crafted veggie soup


East Finchley, London N2 

Babies/ preschoolers welcome if you have one

"I've already put into practice several of the steps for more connection and healthy food tips to amazing effect with my children. The soup at the end was delicious!  I'm looking forward to next week. Thank you :)"  Ruth

A purposely in person, weekly meet up of kindred women.


If you are a mother or work with children, if you are pregnant or thinking about having children, this is your gang.


Here we will have the weekly opportunity, within the busyness of living, to prioritise the regard for parenting and bring more purpose to the rearing of our children.  


  • We gather to help each other instill more of what we want in ourselves and our children. This may be healthy eating, less yelling, more cooperation, connection or calm.

  • We gather armed with peaceful parenting tricks to practice respectful, empathic child raising, and reap the benefits for our next generation.

  • We gather because together we can remember our power and return to our families and our work with more love, grace and inner fuel.

  • We gather for growth, for ourselves and for the children.

  • We gather to make connections and collaborate, and for a fresh brew and bowl of soup.


Each week, we’ll chat and laugh and then explore a topic around my nature, nurture, nourish framework and you will receive insight and practical tips to develop positive parenting for yourself.  


Bring any questions, challenges and victories concerning your parenting, and food and natural health for you and your children.


We enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared soup brimming with organic plant goodness and crafted especially each week.


This week we will look at how we can hold limits with our children that work in the first instance without draining our energy and meeting opposition, rebellion or passivity.  

We will use the understanding of counterwill; which is the instinctive reaction to resist when feeling controlled, to find several ways you’ll need to know to win respect and cooperation.

Please book in advance here as places are limited.

£16 in advance or £20 on the door.  Pass of five weeks is £65.

£5 off first gang

To uphold the special energy for gangsters there are a limited number of spaces available to bring babies and preschoolers (if you have one).

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

The group takes place at a private address which you will receive upon booking.  

Please indicate if you have any special dietary requirements (all ingredients are organic and vegan). 


Gaia for the ancient Greeks was the mother of all life.  We mothers today are shaping the future of all life.  This gang will activate your mothering by applying Gaia’s essence of nature, nurture and nourish for the benefit of you and your children.

Anna Freedman is founder of Wholefood Harmony, the cookery school that inspires health through delicious natural cuisine.  She is a qualified natural foods cook and health coach, with a vibrant practice and the online Pure Cook’s Training.  

Author of Pure Baby:  Give A Beautiful Beginning, and mother to three children, she has studied parenting at close range and with Patty Wipfler, Dr Laura Markham and Gordon Neufeld.  

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