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"Read this charming and practical book to nourish yourself and your baby"

Kitty Hagenback co-founder of Babies Know with

Dr Yehudi Gordon

Pure Baby:


Give a Beautiful Beginning

Pure Baby: Give a Beautiful Beginning is a unique synthesis of baby development and natural food wisdom for pregnancy and the first year.

Find out how to nourish your baby over the critical, early period and secure a healthy start for life.

Pure Baby presents key ways to endorse long term health for both the new mother and her child.


Natural food expert Anna Freedman weaves healthy food and Eastern medicine, gentle parenting and loving sleep solutions together with key insight on baby growth and an invaluable cookbook of whole food recipes. 

This is a beautiful and imperative read for everyone nurturing the vitality of our next generation.

Over the three pregnancy trimesters and twelve monthly chapters, receive:

  • Baby development diaries

  • Vital natural food and health wisdom for you and baby

  • A pure food weaning programme

  • 24 essential plant-based recipes to nourish pregnancy, entry to motherhood and baby’s first year


Purchase the book either in paperback or as an ebook through Amazon and Apple

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