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Design Thinking for Education

How might your teachers and students solve real challenges and embed positive change, while growing creativity and collaboration?

"In a world of constant change and innovation, we need to change the education we provide our students, focussing less on what students should learn and more on how they should learn."  
David Lee, author of Design Thinking in the Classroom
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Design Thinking Workshops for Students

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Design Thinking immerses students into the framework and the accompanying mindsets required to innovate and refine solutions to real challenges. 

Beginning with a deep empathy of the end user, and embracing collective imagination, insights and feedback, students from age 4 to 18 co-create solutions and prototypes while growing qualities and skills for life.

Primed by curriculum projects and passions, this authentic learning opportunity unfolds student expression, collaboration, creativity and problem solving.  Student solutions have transformed the way we work, learn and live.

The power of my workshop framework in developing co-creation, courage and compassion is vital in shaping the future of education now, growing our next generation of citizens and advancing innovation for humanity. 


Design Thinking for Educators

I apply Design Thinking in my work with educators whether to reimagine education, address challenges, co-create strategy or innovate for the learning community.

My Design Thinking framework enables responsive action to the following and more:

  • How might we define our new school vision and values?

  • How might we equip students with the learning and skills, characteristics and wellbeing to be prepared for opportunities now and in the future?

  • How might we enrich our school and local community through mutually beneficial partnerships?

  • How might we develop our schools as centres of innovation or lifelong learning?

Design Thinking Training for Teachers

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I provide teacher training to support the design and delivery of Design Thinking projects at school.  

Areas covered include:

  • theme selection

  • opening creativity and imagination

  • how to get the best out of empathy conversations 

  • how to hold space for student voice and potential

  • how to cultivate a culture of feedback and learning

  • encouraging agency and inclusion

  • design and implementation support

  • infrastructure for carrying the work forwards

"The Design Thinking mindsets help students behave and
perfom like design thinkers who produce novel solutions to problems and challenges, and ingrain a self-belief that they can take action to bring positive change.”  

David Lee, author of Design Thinking in the Classroom 

Contact me to explore the possibilities for your school

Thank you for getting in touch!

“Thank you so much for all the time and hard work you put into making these days so successful for us."

Learning & Innovation Manager, Girls’ Day School Trust


”I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you took to contribute to our Lower Sixth virtual induction day. It was such a useful 'in' for the girls to start thinking about the possibilities and power of Design Thinking.  

It’s great to finally find an education partner that is so aligned with what we need." 

Deputy Head, Wimbledon High School, London

“Thank you so much, the children are very lucky to have such engaged and interesting people working with them on topics that are relevant and so important.  They are loving it!

Year 2 teacher, Highgate Primary School, London

Anna Freedman

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My human centred design thinking framework propels both educators and young people to co-create transformative solutions and strategies and drive positive social impact.  

The power of my framework in developing connection, collaboration, cocreation, courage and compassion is vital in shaping the future of education now and growing our next generation of citizens.

As Design Thinking Coach, I create the relational spaces for innovative learning and creativity to unfold, expanding wellbeing and expression of our young people and empowering students to address challenges though problem solving and teamwork.  

Workshops generate high engagement and cultivate a breadth of real-life skills and whole child qualities.  I work towards maturing our next generation of citizens, cultivating inclusion and the values of humanity. ​

Design Thinking coach, educator, facilitator, author and practitioner of developmental psychology, natural food and health, my work facilitates the natural unfolding of human potential.  I have rich experience teaching and facilitating across the breadth of in-person and virtual workshops.

I would be delighted to extend my work to your school community.

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