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On Childrens’ Mistakes

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

My children are the same as yours. They like laughing, moving and running, playing and crying. They like receiving care and love and of course gifts too! They exhibit this boundless vitality, beautiful zest for life, and they are seekers of goodness. Their innate drive is for goodness and truth.

They don't really want to spill the juice, tumble down the step, act without approval.

They have been learning to coordinate their bodies since they were a few weeks old. This mastery of movement is supposed to span the early years of life, with plenty of practice and mistakes, and more practice again.

Growth in the womb mimics the evolution of life from single cellular water dwelling organisms to multicellular species. And so it is for the conscious control of our limbs and dexterity of our digits, evolution continues post birth. Our brains further develop and the neural circuitry is laid down through repetition and practice.

When mistakes are met with annoyance and claims of wrong doing, what are we teaching our children about this natural unfolding of life?

Let us permit mistakes, allow the time and space for little people to grow and finesse the flow of their bodies.

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