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How To Have Your Children Dream Big

I have just watched the story of Tererai Trent, the visionary who redefined her life, and instead of receiving the baton of poverty, fulfilled her dreams of an education and betterment for her community.

Raising five children, with three jobs plus studying towards multiple degrees she moved from illiteracy, poverty and abuse in war torn Zimbabwe to achieving her grand dreams.

Her incredible story is one of determined tenancity, vision, faith and indigenous wisdom and has greatly moved me.

As we approach International Women’s Day, let us consider, recall and reach for our own dreams, let us reclaim our faith, and move with spirited groundedness.

May we remember that we as mothers will forever impact upon our children.

What are the messages we want our children to receive that will guide and carry them through life?

Tererai’s mother and grandmother repeated to her:

“You have the power within. It’s not the past that’s going to define who you are, but it’s what you believe about yourself.”

What were the truths you received from your parents? It is likely that these wisdoms have been

flowing from one generation of your family to the next for several centuries.

Do the wisdoms still hold, or do they need refining before your children and grandchildren heed their promise?

“You can make anything happen.”

This was the power I received, and infact till now had long forgotten. When I return this message back within me I feel the dormant worth, value and power awake to make the difference I long to.

What we hear, look at and take on, plants inside. Let us discern the voices and hold our powerful truths and faithful knowing close.

What are the powerful truths we uphold and wish for our descendants to carry?

What are the ways we embed and pass on our refrains?

Let us consider the whispers, the words, the comments we choose to tell our children, our tone of voice and energy. Our actions, affections, welcomes, reconciliations, displays of help to those we know and don’t know.

With so much love


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