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How To Have Your Child Eat & Be Nourished

So today marks the summer solstice, the longest day in our calendar.

For me the week has been long and full. With a big corporate cooking workshop and the Parenting From Within seminar last night, I am now gearing up in full readiness for the Gaia Retreat next Saturday 29th June.

There are a small number of places available now, and I would love to have you too with us if you haven’t already booked.

Over the Gaia Retreat you will get plenty of recipes and food tips to nourish yourself and your child with ease, plus tools to enhance your child’s cooperation, temperament and much more.

I spoke of nourishment to my audiences this week. Whether it is children’s nourishment or adults, we share the same primal drive to eat for growth and health and endure similar challenges.

Often our feelings are getting in the way of honest nourishment. Often we ignore that churning in our stomachs, otherwise known as butterflies in the tummy, or that sensation that we need to get something off our chest, and eat instead.

These sensations are signals, and to respect our children is to respect their appetite and eating. So often we move in and coerce and control, reward and withdraw when it comes to food.

I spoke of attachment; that feeling of closeness and connection with us, as the overriding need surpassing even the desire to eat. When children feel close to us, they cooperate, are easy tempered and heartily eat.

Last night I spoke about food rituals, ways to hold a balanced approach to sugar and teach self control, how to encourage our children to try new foods, how to use play to mitigate food struggles and much more.

I also gave a whole host of food ideas and ways into the hearts and tummies of our children.

I’m really touched that you are reading this and are interested in nourishment for yourself and for your child. And I would love to develop this for you, in-person over the Gaia Retreat would be wonderful!

Please know I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions, comments or feedback.



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