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Do You Worry Too?

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

I had this big realization over the last few days.  

That the opposite of worry is confidence and trust.  Now that could sound pretty obvious but to me it was deep stuff.  

Because when a feeling of worry pervades, the doubt, the angst and the turmoil stir incessantly.  For our children, they unknowing know our mood, our feeling, our energy.  

And when worry enters the ether from us, the children take this worry and to them it can feel like a lack of confidence in their being.  Little ones can feel our doubts as doubts or flaws in them.   Our angst can make them feel wrong.

Our worries and anxieties may be nothing to do with our children, or even about them. Yet our feelings get caught up in theirs.  

It feels like parental control over our children is another form of worry.  We worry they are not eating enough, or wearing enough, or bathing enough.  So meals, dressing and bath-time become controlled environments.  

Control exerts a tight pressure.  To eat, do and say the right thing can leave little space for a little person to blossom. Control is keeping our children small, and our adults from playing big.  

Watch how you care so much for your child, that this care can manifest to worry.   Every front has a back was one of the key principles of macrobiotics; the philosophy of eating and living I trained in.  So the backside of devotion is worry!

When we worry about our children, we halt their thriving.  When we lose confidence in our child, our child’s self-confidence drops.  

See how worry and control has moved through your family over the last few generations. How were these feelings received by you as a child?  What qualities do you want your children to perpetuate?

When we drop our own worry, we can cultivate confidence in our child and trust in their unfolding.  

When we expand confidence in ourselves and our children, we allow us both to grow and to dream. 

Yours, Anna

Know another worrying mum? Forward them my message so they know they're not alone, and initiate their restoration of confidence and trust in themselves and their little ones.

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