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What's Your Focus?

Thank you for showing an interest in food, health and parenting.  

I’m thrilled you too are into these things.  Infact I’m delighted so many of you have been reading and watching my posts on social media, dipping into my new book, asking questions and showing up for the first Gaia Gang last week. I know a few of you have brought babies into the world over the last few weeks and others are due to give birth very soon.  I send my warmest wishes for the precious new lives and for the lives of you and your children unfolding right now. If you are reading this, I know that healthy nourishment and the conscious raising of our children resonates with you.   And this warms my heart.  To know that you too are dreaming of this for your children and for our next generation, opens up so many possibilities for us and for our children. For to aspire towards this, means to grow.  And growth means opportunity.   What is it that you really want to grow and focus on right now?

When we give this thing the focus and attention and support and warmth, then we; the parent first make the change.  And our children will follow.  They evolve as we do.  They emulate us.   Perhaps we are seeking healthy inspiration for food our children will go for.  Or we are looking for ways to lighten up meal times and have our children eat something.    (By the way read on for a special offer on my Pure Cook’s Training which arms you with a repertoire of family favourite meals). Perhaps we are frustrated through lack of sleep or getting our children through the morning and evening routines is wearing us down.   Or the demands of our highly spirited child, and their lack of cooperation is causing us angst.  Maybe dissolving disputes between siblings is wrecking our patience. I know how hard it is to grow as a parent.  

It takes SO many times to see my triggers, even more times to catch them, and more again to make a change instead of reacting.  Yet I know that when I do so, the responses from both my children and I are wildly different.  Then I can lead my children with the warmth and care that I wish them to model.  Then I can attempt to touch their hearts through empathy, listening, being goofy, setting a limit, placing an expectation, resolving sibling conflict fairly and neutrally, or whatever it may be to move through these tricky moments. So what is it that you really want to focus on right now?  When we respond to our children with warmth, we receive and lead our children to thrive.  Yours, Anna Hit reply and let me know what it is you would love to focus on right now.

My online Pure Cook’s Training is beginning on Monday 28thJanuary.  There is a very special healthy new year offer right now and I would be thrilled to welcome and teach you.  Over 7 modules you'll build a repertoire of winning healthy tasty dishes, effective to prepare that you and your children will enjoy.  Please be in touch with any questions.



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