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(Part 4) The Lost Compass - A Game Changer In Raising and Teaching Children Right Now

Part Four of a Four Part Series

On play and expression

Play and expression are the eons old language of infants and the factor facilitating maturation. Let us all embody more of this language amidst our everyday work. Inviting play, safeguarding spaces for true play, making playful directions and transitions. Attuning to our children’s play and providing more prompts akin to their interests; drawing, painting, textiles, construction, destruction, throwing, swinging, jumping, spinning, dancing, singing, music making, and more. These emotional playgrounds serve expression and provide rest when free from outputs.

Similarly, coming alongside the emotions of our children. Meeting their spirited excitement or frustrated stickiness. Softly holding their release so that tears may drain and rest prevail.

In providing these conditions for emotional integration we see the fruits of fully feeling two emotions simultaneously. This developmental celebration happens around the ages of five and seven, and often later for sensitive children who feel intensely. When emotions mix, children can feel patience (frustration and desire), courage (alarm and desire) and more. The feelings of ‘on the other hand’ enable core human qualities such as consideration, cooperation, perspective, discipline and self control.

On Food

The forces of attachment are at play when it comes to food. The rituals of gathering, serving and eating provide us with another way in at attaching with our children. Generous provision of food and in alignment with their tastes go a long way in providing rest in the relationship.

There is no rest when a child is working to ensure their sustenance is the right shape, colour, style or ingredient. The sum of the whole experience of eating is more than the consumption of just one part. When eating together is fun and sharing stories matter more than the contents untried, we can nurture and nourish healthy eating practices naturally.

Reviving our sense of how children naturally develop and the place of attachment, emotion, expression, play and food act as a compass in navigating child raising and teaching amidst the disruptions facing children and young people right now.

Thank you very much for your interest and I would be delighted to further support you and your child or children. I am trained in Developmental Attachment Psychology from the Neufeld Institute, Coaching, Natural Food and Life Counselling and more and founder of Wholefood Harmony.

I work with parents and educators in a gentle, personalised way, to enable you to connect with the essence of your situation and move towards possibilities and potential. I also offer guidance around applying the child raising compass to you and your family or community. Please get in touch to arrange a free first conversation or read more about my Parent Coaching here.



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