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My Wish for our Young Peacemakers

By Anna Freedman, Peace Week September 2022

That every soul may be “as an alabaster cup

Filled to overflowing with the mystical wine of beauty and love₁”

That we honour the timeless connection practices of our ancient villages

And that these ways perpetuate from generation to generation

Unfolding the potential for peacemaking in each young person and

Shielding their journey to maturity

That we enrich the infrastructures to support pregnancy, birth, parenthood and more

As Sacred in the evolution of humanity

The undifferentiated zygote has a universe of potential,

That we harness the potential of each being for collective goodness

My wish is that the

Significant link of Early Childhood Development as the foundation for lifetime health

Commands more focus and

Enfants worldwide flourish with this support

Hurry up and grow up is replaced by

A renewed faith in natures’ pace

The push to independence is shifted to the

Pull to dependance and that

Every youngster may rest in the safety of care their North star confers

Our preschooler ask of emotional regulation is more widely understood and

That instead of forcing premature regulation,

We enable the Conditions for mixed feelings as prelude to this milestone

The receipt of care in our children lights up the qualities of humanness in them and us,

And that with care felt by every member the possibilities alight for our planet

Care being the forerunner to empathy, courage, integrity and more.

A planetary tapestry unfolds enlightening eachs’ highest virtues

My wish is that

Pockets of true play multiply

Enabling every youth to express and be herself

That young people make balance with screens, and

Unity in diversity triumphs over cyber algorithms and digital dis-ease

That Education practices rethink assessment, prioritise wellbeing, creativity and human emergence

Grant opportunities for engagement in our real problem solving and whole self building

That parents, educators, those working with children and young people themselves have

Spaces held for their sharing and growth

New narratives replace the separation based dogmas of our time

Making our separation based norms feel paradigms away

When our cultures of childrearing shift

Then we will raise the next generation of leaders, solvers and stewards

With the inner resource and outer capacities to wholly inherit and interconnect our planet

When we see life interwoven in the fabric of our tapestry,

We see full human and planetary health across all the facets of wellbeing

upheld by food, shelter, air, water, and for our young people;

A felt sense of closeness to us, attachment - that mystical wine, the force of connectivity

Enabling care, the prerequisite for all our human virtues

I wish that our hearts and the hearts of our children can be soft

Soft so that attachment can unfold natures’ course

Soft hearts to invite the unknown

Soft to open to the edges and to possibility

Soft to hear voices unheard

Soft to hold opposing truths

Soft to Be

Soft to make peace

This is my wish for you, dear peacemakers

₁This is my wish for you, Charles Snell 1914



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