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Systemic Solutions for Education & Wellbeing.  
Expanding Human Potential.

Design Thinker, Educator,

Parent & Health Coach,

Natural Food Cook & Author 

Food, Health, Parenting
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Design Thinking

How might we innovate the way we live, work, learn, be and flourish?  

How might we grow collaboration, creativity and belonging and embrace feedback, failure and imperfection?  

Beginning with a deep empathy of the end user, and embracing collective imagination, insights and learnings, we can refine highly optimal solutions to the plethora of global and local challenges.  

I take my human centered design thinking framework to both propel teams, educators and young people and to co-create transformative insights, solutions and strategies and drive positive social impact.  

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Education & Learning

How might we embed a new pedagogy for education, the call to which Covid has exposed?  

How might we develop the inner drive for learning, prioritise the student teacher relationship and safeguard wellbeing now that digital and remote learning are the norm?  

I create the relational spaces for innovative learning to unfold, expanding social and emotional wellbeing and expression of our young people.  I work towards maturing our next generation of citizens, cultivating inclusion and the values of humanity.

"Real learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life.” Peter Senge


Food & Health

With the spotlight on the health crisis, how can we accelerate our wellbeing and that of our family, team and community?  

How might we transcend the collective or personal separation and fear surrounding Covid 19 and also nourish lifestyle, food choices and eating styles right now?

As founder of Wholefood Harmony, my work as a natural food cook and coach with individuals through to corporates expands nourishment and all facets of health.  I teach virtual cookery workshops and the acclaimed online Pure Cook’s Training to integrate plant and natural food wisdom into modern living.


How might we shape the integrity of our descendants, how can we penetrate hearts, nourish healthy bodies, impact wiring of minds and allow souls to flourish?  

How can we navigate the epidemics of childhood anxiety and aggression and as caring leaders, parent our children for full emergence and individuation?

Author and practitioner of developmental psychology and respectful parenting, my work with parents and groups restores thriving children, empowers parenting instincts and facilitates the natural unfolding of human potential.  Arrange an initial chat for free here


Clients include: Ikea, Boston Consulting Group, Westminster City Council, Southbank University, City University, NBC Universal, DWS, Girls Day School Trust, Wimbledon High School, City Launch Lab, Royal Opera House, Global Girl Project, Highgate Society, Ofcom, Consciousness Network, The Retreat Day, Wellbeing In The City.

Featured by: ITV, Sky TV, TRT World, Radio 4, Juno Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Positive Health, Natural Health, Health & Fitness, Veggie Magazine, Vegan Society Magazine.

”I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you took to contribute to our Lower Sixth virtual induction day. It was such a useful 'in' for the girls to start thinking about the possibilities and power of Design Thinking.  It’s great to finally find an education partner that is so aligned with what we need." 

Deputy Head, Design Thinking Day

”The workshop really made me think about what I can do, personally and as a leader at work, to prepare us for a post-covid future and help shape what that future looks like." 

Creative Director, New Ventures.  Kinsugi Thinking Project Workshop

“Thank you for facilitating the day, everyone had a great time.  A very positive and rewarding experience!” 

Ofcom, Corporate Workshop

”Anna is a fabulous teacher and host.  She makes you feel comfortable, confident and hungry." 

TV Producer, Natural Kitchen broadcast

”Working with Anna has been life changing.  I have already noticed amazing changes and will forever be grateful for her insight and expertise.

Kitchen Impact & Coaching Client

“It was great because it was interesting and I learnt a lot. Also it was FUN!”  Year 2 student, World of Imagination Workshop

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