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How Did Your Little One Sleep Last Night?

Updated: May 14, 2019

Following on from my post on water while I was by the sea, I’ve been reflecting on the power of the moon to cause the daily changes in tides.

High tide and low tide is an age-old phenomena which is actually mind blowing.

Our moon up there has a huge influence not only on our oceans, but on the very water inside of us.

You may be wondering what this has got to do with sleep, but I encourage you to read on!

Remember the commiserations of the midwives upon full moon time, as their birth wards are at capacity. They see this correlation every month; more births occur over the full moon.

The moon exerts a gravitational pull upon water and this pull affects the liquid in the amniotic sac and that within our cells.

But what is equally amazing is the effect I have observed on the full moon and baby sleep.

Baby’s sleep is sensitive to the full moon.

You know it was a full moon last night.

If you see monthly night-time disturbances and awakenings over the evening of the full moon, your little one too is responsive to the lunar cycle.

I have seen and suffered this on a multitude of full moon nights for each of my three children.

Often the sleep restlessness occurs on the evening prior to the full moon and on the full moon itself. I see this sleep disturbance apparent from approximately the age of nine months until two and half years, but could occur outside of these ages.

Over full moon evenings, babies can find it hard to get to sleep and to stay asleep.

I use the term sleep restlessness since this is very different from sleep agitated by discomfort, pain or teething, or from separation anxiety or night fears. With restless sleep your little one will maintain a tired yet amenable disposition, and simply find it difficult to rest into sleep.

This very sleep restlessness may have kept our baby ancestors awake and glued to their mothers to keep safe from predators over the light of the full moon.

What we witness are the remains of an adaptation for sheer survival plus the effect of nature at work.

In addition, where there are crazy moon phenomena like blood moons and supermoons, further baby tricks are exhibited.

I’ve seen overnight fevers with no explanation on blood and super moons, cleared by morning.

Women’s cycles are influenced by the moon, with ovulation traditionally taking place over a full moon and menstruation over the new moon.

Since my babies are all girls, I wonder if through the fevers, they naturally do some overnight clearing, moving, releasing and growing over super moon evenings.

Have you seen any sleep patterns in your little ones over full moons?

In any case, sleep disturbances aside, our babies and small children, being so new, are still grounding here and embodying themselves.

Let us remember the sensitivity of babies and little ones to ALL that is, and respect their wondrous and natural growth.



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