My Wishes For Our Children

I have spent the last six years in close care of my three children and over a decade working with natural food, health and personal growth through my cookery and coaching practice Wholefood Harmony.  


I am crazy about giving children a start that will equip them for life.  A start that penetrates their hearts, nourishes their healthy bodies, positively impacts the wiring of their minds and allows their souls to flourish.


As babies we all have this magnificent beauty.  Behold the eyes and smiles of a newborn.  I delighted in this boundless potential and more in my book Pure Baby:  Give A Beautiful Beginnning.


Now, I bring this mighty care and love I have for my babies and all babies and nurture the next unfolding in life through the toddler and school age years. 


I want to see my children and your children embodying goodness and love.  I want to see our children raised in readiness for the world they will inherit.  I want to see them shine as individuals, as creators, as balanced healthy people.  I wish to see them and us evolve as true caretakers of our planet.


And I know that all my wishes for children will infact be realized through us; the adults and the parents, the mothers and the grandmothers.  For it us who wield the opening to our childrens’ hearts, minds and bodies.  


It is how we live even before the foetus implants, what we eat and feel and do and think.  The epigenetics encoded and passed on to our offspring.  The DNA plus the effect of our environment on the expression of our genes.


The new found neural plasticity means we have the power to alter our lineages.   We can transform outdated beliefs, bestow fresh values upon our children and parent in a new way to that which we received.  


With the wisdom from the childrearing practices of our ancestors and my rich experience working with the Eastern energies of food, I join ancient with modern.  I bring you food, health and parenting know how as we propel forward in the twenty first century.

Miracles & Milkshakes

After graduating in biology at degree level, I trained as a management accountant and then went on to study and qualify as a natural food cook and health coach.  


Through my practice Wholefood Harmony and online Pure Cook’s Training, I have taught and coached thousands of people towards fuller health and delicious, balanced eating styles.  


With the arrival of my second child, I felt devastated at how my eldest was affected. At a loss with conventional parenting, I began relating with her in a completely different way.  The results were extraordinary and still astound me each day.  


Now with three daughters, I am particularly passionate about raising girls and sensitives, making them plant milk-shakes and hanging out at the local playground.